Workshop: Growing cellulose

Microbial cellulose is a material with unique aesthetic properties: it resembles skin and bodily matter. Workshop gives also perspective to science and art education.

Once dried, it reminds paper and leather and can be used for a variety of artistic and design purposes. It is produced by Glucoacetobacter xylinus bacteria, a non-pathogenic bacterial strain that has traditionally been used for food production and, recently, for biomedical materials and consumer goods. Microbial cellulose is a key material Margherita Pevere's doctoral research at Aalto ARTS in collaboration with Biofilia laboratory and CHEMARTS research group.

The hands-on workshop encompasses:

– cultivation of Glucoacetobacter xylinus
– introduction: what it is, history, applications, research
– laboratory & DIY recipes
– comparing different kind of cultures
– drying techniques
– colors: dying techniques
– prototyping
– ethical discussion

Target: Science and art educators

Dates: 4th and 7th December 2017

Time: 4.30pm - 7.30pm (total 6 hours)

Location: Lumarts & Biofilia laboratory, Otaniemi Espoo.

Address: Kemistintie 1B

Max 10  participants

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Information about workshop instructor

Deeply fascinated by biological processes, Margherita Pevere is a visual artist and researcher investigating decay and transformation as they are common destiny of human and non-human matter. Her practice features a unique combination of organic and technological materials: she grows bacterial cultures, manipulates paper and photographic film, collects organic relics, captures ephemeral lights with digital video and plans to store a digitized collection of memories on bacterial genome.

Pevere holds a degree in Political Sciences and Arts and New Media and is PhD candidate at Aalto University, School of Arts, Design at Architecture in Helsinki. She is member of the Finnish Bioart Society and collaborates with Berlin DIYbio group BioTinkering e.V.. Most recent exhibitions include the Article Biennial – i/o lab, Stavanger (NO), curated by Hege Tapio and Nora Vaage; transmediale Vorspiel – Green Hill Gallery, Berlin, curated by Noemie Richard and Martin Reiche; the Dutch Design Week – BioArt Laboratories, Eindhoven, curated by Jalila Essaidi; State Festival, Kühlhaus, Berlin, curated by Daniela Silvestrin.

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