LUMA Centre at Aalto University

LUMA Centre FinlandLUMA Centre at Aalto University is a part of LUMA Centre Finland and aims to support and advance studies of mathematics, natural sciences and technology (STEM) at all levels of school and to increase young people's interest in those areas.

Lumarts Lab is a learning environment supporting and developing science, technology and arts  teaching and learning. It also aims to support the positive image of STEM and offer the educational alternatives in the field of science and technology.

The study visits for pupils and students aged 10–20 vary from one hour to longer study courses. The study opportunities include experimental laboratory work and visits to the research laboratories, including communicating with scientists about their research.

Teachers can choose the contents best serving the content and method objectives suitable for their educational purposes and curricula. The basics of the subject at hand are studied in school before the study visit in Lumarts and continued afterwards to support the meaningful learning and higher-order thinking.

LUMA Centre offers also high-quality courses for students at upper secondary school. The courses in mathematics, chemistry, astronomy and biological arts for instance, are taught by the university's teachers and professors.